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For many years already, we have been tirelessly following the trends, searching and testing the truly most beautiful and best quality pieces for you. This website shows the results of our years-long experience and gives an overview of the truly best pieces.

For many decades, sockets and switches have been slightly neglected in interiors. They were paid little attention and their appearance, material or quality seemed of little importance. Fortunately, times have changed and switches are slowly starting to get the attention they deserve in interior design. These small devices are in our homes and offices, constantly in sight, and we touch them countless times a day. Making a good choice is worth the time and attention. Well-chosen switches and sockets can either blend in perfectly with the atmosphere of the interior or even serve as a design feature and distinctive interior accessory that your eye will love to rest on.

So welcome to the diverse and interesting world of switches. Our ambition is to provide you with top quality house switches from world-renowned brands, made from quality materials and with impeccable craftsmanship. We would put our hand up for every piece in our portfolio. So let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of our sockets and switches. - With us you will surely find what you need.




More room for individuality!

Every home is different. Every office and every functional building is too. Because the architecture, fixtures and interior are designed to specific preferences or requirements. It is a question of each individual's own idea of design and comfort, function and presence.
We cater to them all with a single portfolio that offers more individuality than ever before. With that in mind, we will use the next few pages to show you our multi-award-winning design classics and our new switches, such as the extremely versatile Berker Q.7. You will also find smart new solutions for the intelligent home. Systems of the future, already available today.

In short: Lots of new ideas. Developed so that you can make your ideas a reality, without compromise.


Design. Be it classic, modern classic or contemporary, Berker is synonymous with outstanding design.

Individuality. We offer you the widest variety of shapes. And therefore custom solutions for every architectural concept.

Quality. Materials, production, consultancy and services – We offer you top quality in every area.

Connectivity. All our switches and systems are open to what's happening today.

And to whatever tomorrow may bring.