Berker R.3

Multiple award-winning design 

Square frames, round centre plates berker R.3 focuses on contrasts. The consistently angular frames help make for an exceedingly striking appearance. This will not just delight lovers of exciting designs, but also make the berker R.3 the ideal switch range for use in sill-type bunking duct. The frame base supports consist of 7 mm thick plastic and are avai- lable with surfaces made from natural anodised aluminium, matt stainless steel or glass, or plastic in the colours black or polar white.

Pleasing from the first glance: the berker R.3 combines round centre plates with a soft frame contour and rounded corners. This affords products from the range a classic yet modern appearance.

The berker R.3 surrounds are available in black or polar white glass, black and white glossy plastic surfaces, natural anodised aluminium and dulled stainless steel are also available, such as slate, red or orange acrylic, concrete, oak or leather.

The rockers and other cover plates are available in plastic: white glossy, black glossy.

IP44 rated

Frames: 1x to 5x (excluding slate / concrete: 1x to 3x) vertical, horizontal


BerkerR.3 ocel 350x350
Berker R.3 Custom
1 - 2 weeks
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