What are you currently working on?

I am currently preparing studies for two restaurants in Iraq: a Spanish tapas bar and an Asian fusion restaurant. For me, public space, gastronomy and retail are areas that I enjoy immensely, especially these first steps, when the overall concept, colors, materials and layout solutions are devised. In addition, I am still working on the reconstruction of two private apartments in Prague and Olomouc, a house in nature near Brno, a painting studio in the basement of Prague Castle and a small music studio in Paris.

What role do you think the switch plays in the interior?

In my work, I like to pay attention to details, which I combine with larger free surfaces, and one of the most important for me is the switch. People often do not realize how many times a day they use switches, or how a nice detail in the form of an original switch can, for example, pleasantly surprise a guest of your cafe.



Berker Serie 1930 | Bakelit | black


Berker and Bauhaus are not only the same age (both were founded in 1919), but they also share the same passion for pure shapes and functionality.. Both qualities enthral clients and planners, even today. And, because of this, the unique, Bauhaus-inspired Berker Serie 1930 can be found not only in timeless, classic buildings like Villa Tugendhat, but also in trendy properties, such as the Hotel "Soho" and "25hrs Bikini" in Berlin.



Do you have a favorite among home switches?

Personally, I really like Berker 1930, which I used in the black bakelite version throughout the Long Story Short hostel and cafe recently opened in the center of Olomouc. Although it is a 1930s design and based on a functionalist aesthetic, their round shape is timeless and works well even in this historic building. At the same time, thanks to the rotating handle, it is something that every visitor is guaranteed to notice.

Denisa Strmisková

I like to work with a narrative and metaphorical approach in my projects. I create the atmosphere of a space in which I search for stories and create new experiences. I don't work like a classic architect - I work intuitively with feelings and emotions, through friendly communication with clients and specific requirements that the project needs. My latest projects include public spaces of cafes, hostels, restaurants, reception lobbies, exhibition displays and shop windows, or residential projects.