We will pack your chosen pieces with love and care and send them to your address.



  • Most of our products are made to order directly for you.
  • We do not keep large warehouses or any old stocks.
  • We only have perfectly tuned goods, adapted to your personal taste.
  • A large part of our range is made by hand from the highest quality materials and delivered by transport service directly to your door.
  • If you prefer, you can pick up your goods yourself at Sokolovská 409/120, 186 00, in Prague 8 Karlín.

      Once you place your order and pay the full price, you don't have to do anything - you can just sit back and relax. Because good things come to those who can wait.


    Shipping for Czech Republic/Slovakia:


     Doprava a platba :: DANTE FASHION PPL

    from 99 ,- CZK (ex.VAT)

    (+ from 40,- CZK cash on delivery

    • The day before the shipment is delivered, you will receive an informative email that contains all the information about the shipment.
    • On the day of delivery, the PPL driver will contact you via SMS to the phone number you provided with the delivery time.
    • You can change the delivery instructions (address, date, person of the recipient) free of charge via or via customer service. (In the event of a change in delivery parameters, the latest delivery date is 7 days from the first delivery attempt).
    • You can follow the delivery schedule according to the delivery zip code, on the website or via the mobile site
      In case of unsuccessful delivery, your parcel will be stored at the nearest PPL ParcelShop, which you will be informed about via SMS. The shipment will be stored here for 7 days for collection according to ParcelShop operating hours.

    Česká pošta pokračuje v prodeji nepotřebného majetku |  – politika ze všech stranCZECH POST

    from 99 ,- CZK (ex.VAT)

    (+ from 40,- CZK cash on delivery

    • You can pick up the package at your chosen post office when it suits you, but within 7 days at the latest.
    • If necessary, you can extend the collection period up to 15 days.
    • You can track the shipment on the Czech Post website.
    • Come to the post office with a collection code that will be sent to you by SMS or email.
    • Parcels weighing up to 30 kg can be sent via Czech Post.

    Zásilkovna – Aplikace na Google Play  Pick-up points Zásilkovna

    from 69 ,- CZK (ex.VAT)

    (+ from 40,- CZK cash on delivery

    • Only packages that do not weigh more than 5 kg and are not too large can be sent to the Zásilkovna drop-offs.
    • If the package exceeds the permitted dimensions or weight, Zazilkovna cannot be selected in the transport selection.
      The carrier will send you an email with a tracking number to track your shipment.
    • As soon as your shipment is ready for pickup, the Post Office will send you information via e-mail and SMS with the password for pickup and the opening hours of the drop-off point.
    • Storage time at Zásilkovna delivery points is 7 working days.
    • If you do not have time to pick up the shipment within 7 days, the storage period can be extended by replying to an information SMS and requesting an extension. Or you can use the link in the information email to renew.
    • When picking up, you need to enter the password that you will receive in SMS and e-mail. Someone else can pick up the shipment if they know the password.
    • You can usually pay by credit card at the Zásilkovna counters - you will receive this information in an SMS.
    • In the event of a sudden closure of the selected branch at the time of sending the package, the carrier will deliver the package to a delivery point in a nearby location and send you information about this in an SMS.
    • For Z-BOXes, the standard storage period is 3 days with the option of extending it by another 2 days. To pick up the shipment, you will need the Zásilkovna mobile application, Bluetooth and location services turned on, and in the case of cash on delivery, a payment made in advance (can be paid via the application or online with a payment card).

    Balíkovna (@balikovna) / Twitter Balíkovna

    from 99 ,- CZK (ex.VAT)

    (FOR FREE - cash on delivery

    • Delivery usually takes place within 24 hours of dispatch.
      This type of transport is suitable for small shipments.
    • There are over 222 delivery points available in the Czech Republic where the package can be picked up.
    • All you have to do is tell us the name and the code for picking up the package, which you will receive by SMS or email.
      There is no need to present proof of identity, so a third person can also pick it up.
    • You can pay cash on delivery by credit card at all specialized Balíkovna counters, including at depots.
    • To pick up parcels, you can use the fast service at the specialized counters of the Balíkovna post office. Just select the "Expedited Parcel Delivery" button on the summoning system and you will be prompted to the counter in the shortest possible time.
    • The addressee can simply extend the storage period at the post office from the standard 7 to 15 days, using a link that will be available in the notification about the approaching end of the storage period.