Berker Q.7

Unmissable in any interior 

The shape of the berker Q.7 shows immediately that it be- longs to the Q family. Above all, the dimensions and materials distinguish it from the Q.1 and Q.3: For instance, the frame measures 95 x 95 mm and compared to the centre piece is relatively large (58 x 58 mm). Exclusive surface ma- terials such as slate, concrete, aluminium, stainless steel as well as black and polar white glass, in combination with the translucent carrier material, ensure that the colour of the background appears, for innovative visual accents. With over 250 variants, the berker Q.7 offers an outstanding depth of functionality.

The berker Q.7 surrounds are available in glass: black, polar white / aluminium / stainless steel / slate / concrete / plastic: polar white velvet, anthracite painted velvet, aluminium painted velvet.

The rockers and other cover plates are available in plastic: white velvety, polar white velvety, anthracite velvety, lacquered, aluminium velvety, lacquered

IP44 rated

Frames: 1x to 5x (excluding slate / concrete: 1x to 3x) vertical, horizontal


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Berker Q.7 Custom
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