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Brand: Berker

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Berker Serie Glas Custom
Not rated
Brand: Berker

Berker Serie Glas

The serie 1930 and serie glass switch ranges inspired by Bauhaus take classic design and push it in a modern direc- tion. With rotary switches in round frames on the one hand and a wealth of modern functions such as USB charging sockets on the other: these are what makes both series excel. serie R.classic goes a step further, transporting the design of serie 1930 into the future. Round switches with simple rotary toggles which can even do without frames – easy-going and simply elegant.


The surrounds in the berker Serie Glas design line are available in clear glossy and polar white glossy.

The centre plates with toggle and cover plates in the berker Serie Glas design line are available in polar white glossy or black glossy.

Frames: 1x-2x, 1x-5x for combination mounting centre frame and end frame. 

Combinations are only to be installed in simple combi boxes.

Little details that make a big difference - Why Berker socket outlets are simply good

It's often the small details that make a big difference. Berker's sockets are a perfect example of this: we have been producing them for over 90 years, and specialist craftspeople use them every day. And there are always product details which can be improved - and, when taken together, can make a major difference.

  • Compact housing with sturdy, closed base

  • Rugged supporting ring without sharp edges

  • New supporting ring contour for easy alignment and screwing in

  • Easy-to-connect conductor

  • Open claw geometry prevents damage to the conductors during assembly

  • No parasitic voltage thanks to electrical isolation

  • Flexolift claw vanishes completely into the base

  • Release or screwing-in in just 4 to 5 rotations

    Berker have even optimised the packaging, and thus handling on the building site:
    in a 10-pack, the centre plates are separated from the inserts and can be mounted according to your normal installation methods. In addition, the centre plates are well-protected by film - a sensible detail to save time and money.


Used thousands of times but still unique - Simple switch replacement with the Modul system

In the Modul system, Berker found a principle which has not lost any of its attraction. Using the Modul system, switches can still be replaced easily,
even after years have passed, and, for example, be adapted to a new room design, without any need to replace the switch insert. For your customers, this means less building mess, more flexibility in room planning and increased general satisfac- tion with their electrical equipment. Our Modul system can also offer you many advantages, such as less storage and lower mounting costs. As well savings in terms of time and money. In addition, we have designed the switches and inserts to be completely uncomplicated in mounting and handling.

Flat appearance of the mounted switch and pleasant feel during operation through the very small switching angle of 3.5° High level of operating comfort through precise rocker guidance
Flexolift claws ensure a tight fit and forced return when released
Cable protection around the claw screws prevents conductor damage

Laser engraving of the circuit diagram, circuit symbols, article number and conductor insulation length on the rear side of each switch
Easy-to-operate lever release catches to free the conductors
Installation of neon lamp units at a later date possible without dismantling

  • High-quality supporting ring
    sturdy, with no sharp edges, and additional screwing options for easy installation on soft surfaces

  • Optimal supporting ring design marked for precise alignment at place of installation

  • 3.5° Switching angle for a flat profile and easy switching

  • Modular design with accomodation of all rocker types

  • Large clearance around the claw screw with combination cross-head screws for easy installation

  • Variable 4-pin mount for precise seating of rockers

  • Clip-in neon/glow lamp unit for exact positioning on the supporting ring, can be used as control or orientation light

  • Moulded lever release catches for easy release of conductors

  • Labelling on reverse of switch circuit diagram/graphical symbol, conductor stripping- guide, high contrast for good legibility

  • Article number > on front side

  • Voltage test from front side for a voltage test in installed state

  • Cable protection to prevent damage to the conductors by the claw screws

  • Flexolift claws®
    flush-fitting positioning of claws and automatic reset upon release

  • Minimal installation depth (special designs) for plenty of space for installation of an insert or hollow-wall mountingpage14image14807616 



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Category: Berker Serie Glas
Design: Berker R.Classic/1930/glas
Material: Glass
Colour: White, Black
Surface: Glossy

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