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Brand: Berker

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Berker R.8 Custom
Not rated
Brand: Berker

Berker R.8

An all-round success: the switch ranges berker R.1, R.3 an R.8 make for a distinct and multiple award-winning design. As the only switch ranges on the German market, they consistently use round centre plates. The central inserts are made from plastic in polar white glossy or black glossy and enable a wide variety of timelessly elegant designs in combination with the diversity of materials and colours used for the frames.

The berker R.8 is the next logical step in the evolution of the highly successful berker R.3, which has won over 20 awards for its design around the world. The R.3 provides the perfect basis for the berker R.8 in function as well as form: It can be combined with any of the inserts in this range, enabling it to be used in any application. And since it pro- trudes just 3 mm from the wall, it‘s one of the shallowest frames on the market. The berker R.8 series requires a special installation box!

The berker R.8 surrounds are available with surfaces made from natural anodised aluminium, matt stainless steel, glass white or black.

The rockers and other cover plates are available in plastic: white glossy, black glossy.

Attention: The berker R.8 series requires a special installation box!

IP44 rated

Frames: 1x, 2x to 4x

Switches and sockets Berker R.8 & One.Plattform

One.platform - One machine for everything

Together with one.platform we present you a unique solution in Berker quality! The universal switch and socket machines are now adapted to match the use for most surfaces of the Berker design series...


You get time to choose the design

Socket and switch machines are installed by the electrician in advance, while flaps, covers and frames can be selected later

No cleanup after construction is complete

No need to buy new flaps, covers or frames, which are easily soiled, damaged or lost on site - everything is simply bought before construction is complete

Change the design whenever you want

Instruments remain wired and mounted in the wall, you can change the colour and material of the finishes at any time without the help of an electrician

Renovation or construction is not prolonged

The electrician installs the socket and switch machines in a fixed time, later you can choose the series, material and colour, this way there is no delay in the work

You only plug in the machine once

With quick and easy design changes, you can easily replace surface parts without removing the machine, which still remains plugged into the wall

Buy one.platform to save money

You no longer have to buy new machines when you change series. They remain installed in the wall, you only replace the frames and caps/flaps 

Expert opinion

One.platform, one machine for everything, is a revolutionary design solution for Berker sockets and switches. The details of the new platform are explained by the Hager electrical installation production engineer.

What is one.platform?

One.platform is revolutionising the electrical installation market. It is a machine based on one plug-in and one connection system that can be retrofitted in any way, it can be used for most Berker design ranges. One.platform is unrivalled on the market and is a huge benefit to the customer.

What does this change mean for customers? What are the benefits of one.platform?
One.platform brings a great number of benefits addressed to every customer, both the investor, the wiring company and the distributor of our products. The investor, the end user, gains time and is not forced to make decisions immediately when choosing a design. In the initial phase of the investment, only the machine is installed, the final design is chosen after the interior has been fine-tuned - after the accessories and colours have been chosen. All central elements that fit into the one.platform are sold separately, I mean frames, keys or other central elements of the drawers. A huge advantage is the possibility to replace accessories at a minimal cost. There will be many changes to the interior over a few years, it is also easy to replace existing series with new designs. For the customer this system represents a great saving, only the cost of replacing the upper elements will be incurred. The machine stays in the wall, there is no need to buy a new one and no electrician is required to be involved in the changes.

And the advantages of one.platform for electricians?

A machine that matches all designs is also a huge advantage for electricians. They don't have to wait for the investor's decision during installation. He can install the socket and switch machines in a specified time and the customer can later select the range and colour. The work is now easier to plan. It cannot happen that frames or other accessories get lost or dirty on site, everything is bought in the final stages of the investment. We must not forget the advantages of the distribution network. Just keep one one.platform machine in stock.



Additional parameters

Category: Berker R.8
Design: Berker R.1/R.3/R.8
Material: Duroplastic, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Glass
Surface: Glossy
Mechanism: Flappy

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